Is Your Business Being Seen Within The Local Search Engines?

A large and increasing portion of the search traffic is now being generated by users who are looking for local results and Local Online Marketing is necessary in order to take advantage of this trend and they will do this using the likes of Google with their phones, tablets, lap tops and computers. Technology has advanced so much that the search engines know the location of the device and will return a relevant result closest to that location.

The search engines such as Google and Bing have helped local business owners with what is termed a local business listing that appear on the first page of google for popular local searches. They appeared together at the top of the page and have been previously nicknamed the seven pack. Appearing within the former seven pack had major benefits for local business owners as the term the user has searched for has more relevance.

Google has now refined this search map to the top three and commonly nicknamed the snack pack or three pack. Consumers using the search engines have become very familiar with how to get the results they require by putting a search phrase such as the profession, product or service with their desired location. EG Emergency Roof Repairs Cannock, Wedding Dress Shops Birmingham, Tax Returns Wolverhampton.

You can imagine the examples above are typical search patterns of consumers using the internet today and the number of local business’s that will fall into each category far outnumbers three. A number of factors contribute to appearing within this highly important search rank and we specialise as a company in getting local business owners within this highly valued area.

This includes correctly setting up your business listing, seeking high relevant citations (one of the biggest ranking factors), maintaining your position once you are there. The largest proportion of search engine searches are considered local a staggering 46% to 70% and this figure has risen over the last few years due to the intelligence of the search engines knowing your location and returning relevant results.

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