Marketing Your Business Online Successfully

Save Wasted Hours And No Measurable Results

So many small business owners start a business without a clearly defined marketing plan or listen to friends and family for advice. The web is continually evolving and often advice given with the best Intensions can be out dated or return limited results.

Marketing professionals use their years of experience to work smart to achieve the desired results for their customers, this will often a require a mixture of the modules detailed below. These modules offer an excellent insight to marketing your business online and if you are looking to undertake the marketing of your business we offer basic and more advanced levels to suit your requirements.

Who Will Benefit From This Course

New Start Up Business

Just starting out in business and considering which is the best way to market your business. This course will provide you with a solid foundation in understanding the various aspects of digital marketing online.

Expanding your mindset opens greater possibilities that you may not have considered or thought they would be to expensive or time consuming. Leverage the power of online marketing to build a business you can be proud of.

Already In Business

You are already in business and realise that marketing your business is important to sustain or grow your business potential. You may have dabbled at online marketing but need help and direction to further enhance your efforts.

You started your business with no marketing strategy in place and tried various things and know with guidance you can do better, you may even be unsure what to do next and may have set aside a marketing budget and wish to spend it wisely.

Which ever category you fall within this course will help you develop your marketing skills and gives you the opportunity to empower staff to carry out your vision with authority.

What Is Included Within The Course

Training Bespoke To Your Individual Needs

With having a maximum number of six people on the course, we can tailor the course specific to your individual business needs and supply information which is relevant. The course is broken down into nine modules, which are informative, relaxed and engaging.

You will receive free access into our members area after the course finishes where you can return time and time again to review any of the training at your leisure. The modules will be updated in the members area when required to provide you with the latest protocols and legal requirements.

Within the members area there will be links to useful tools that we use within our business on a daily basis which are free to use and a useful addition to your marketing arsenal.

Each delegate will receive a one to one consultation to maximise the training support that you will be given, this will include an action plan and recommendations to help you going forward.

How Long Is The Course And
How Much Does It Cost?

Lunch And Refreshments Included

The training course is a one day course from 9.30am to 4.30pm which will include refreshments throughout the day and complimentary lunch. The course fee is £149 per delegate and you have an option of two dates per month. The courses are held on a Monday or Wednesday respectively.

We also hold an enhanced two day course for delegates who wish to expand their marketing skill set even further, where we go into far more detail about search optimisation, making Google your best friend by using their free tools to showcase your business, tips and tricks of the trade. This course is held once a month and the fee is £289 per delegate.

To enrol on the course and choose your preferred date please complete the form below.